Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Millinery Classes for 2012

Come and join our friendly team in Julie's large light filled studio in Prahran. Learn how to make hats to a couture level with like minded people - from the expert ! We guarantee you will enjoy the hand making process and you will be able to expand your knowledge of hand making hats and special trims. Discover the 'how to' if you are a beginner. You will expect to make at least one hat (summer or winter) or perhaps you are a student looking to create a special piece for your folio? Some of the smaller items and tools that you need will be supplied or available at a small charge. Materials could add $100 to the class cost depending on the requirements for your design. Use any material you like to make a hat Julie will know the best way to put it together.
SATURDAY 16th June 10am - 2pm
starts 16th June till 14th July - 5 weeks
**last** classes for this year, next class 2013

please book early
$485.00 (+ gst) $533.50 for 5 weeks
casual $143.00 (incl gst) per Saturday (past students only)
Please note that places are very limited as one on one attention is provided by Julie and her assistant and so no more than 5 students, please phone to book 03 9525 2456 or email using our contact page. Casual Saturday class needs to be booked in on above number and can only be attended by previous millinery students of Julie Fleming Melbourne.

      please book early to avoid disappointment
  call us to book 03 9525 2456 or
      use our contact form to ask a question
 - payment required 10 days prior to secure your booking
latest class June 16th 2012
  (Hat above from the fabulous Galliano)

The Most Dedicated Hat Wearer

For all the milliners, a true inspiration. The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee and here we celebrate her undying dedication to the hat. That is 60 years of hats !
These images are a testament to the perfect colour balance that is 
achieved by the many working on her wardrobe.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 love this styling !

Photo by Milos Nadaždin
Makeup: Marko Nikolić
Hairstyle: Sofia for Studio Space
Model: John Mirosavljević
from the ana jubinkovic lookbook here

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Julie Fleming Melbourne scenes from the shop

Just had a stroll around the sunny shop today even though we are in Autumn we have had a lovely sunny day, crisp and cold outside but in the front room of the shop it is warm behind the glass. Also showing photo's of our 'beauty room' which is a calm oasis and soothing to the eye after the riot of colour in the shop.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teal Velvet Headband

This is such a sensational colour you can see more photo's here

Making Tiny Straw Bow

I am making tiny little bow out of straw this is a trim on a summer straw I am just finishing. I love this sort of understated small trim as it sets the hat apart from the ordinary. This is a pari sisol straw in palest mint and I have trimmed with Italian straw off cuts in natural on the edge and around the crown.

I have been curling feathers today......

Friday, May 4, 2012

Alannah Hill Headband

This could be why I have been away from my blog....only 40 'cherry' and 40 'black' !!
 this is my cute design for Alannah Hill and I have JUST finished them **in store soon**

I used pure silk organza and a heavy silk to cover the bands and to make the bows. This silk is a dream to use mainly because it's SILK and what a sensational colour (Valentino Red) !

How to make a cage veil step by step

Step by step this is how to make a cage veil. You'll need to start with a quality Russian veiling one you know you can trust and to the astonishment of most of my students - PRESS IT (yep with an iron) if you do this it will be easier - you will need 'fairy fingers' and lots of time for this ! start by gathering up each end of the veiling and stitch in place.

Each end of the veiling should be secured tightly
(sparkle nail polish is an optional extra ;0)

take gathering thread from one side of the secured ends to the other side by carefully picking up the veiling from the edge, pull the gather thread in.

This is the brides hair comb and I will be attaching the veil to this, here I am deciding how much room I will need and how tight I will need to make the gathering. 

I am using my trust poupee and it helps to pin all in place to get an idea of how it is sitting - I also work with a mirror directly in front of me so I can see the other side of the poupee.

Hard to see but this is the stage where I will steam the veil to help 'set' the look (above).

As soon as I have the brides photo's I'll add them so that you can see the whole look.
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