Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spring Racing 2010

A hat for the new season.

I love the way it curves around the head.
The texture of the vintage cherry coloured straw
and the bright pink feathers adds a dimension that I adore.

Sewing the head fitting in place .

Some hefty hand sewing through several layers to keep
all nicely tucked under the head fitting..

Deciding where the support detail will go as I don't
really want it seen from the front or back - tricky. Can't see it from front (above)
and will live with the small amount I can see from the back.

Curving the piece of straw I have decided to use as a
support for the feathers.

I ran a gather thread through the straw to pull the inner side
in tight so it would curve to fit the feathers and hopefully not
be seen from the front or back.
I then hit the curved straw with the iron and wet rag
to make it a permanent curve. Magic.

Just realizing that the feather will need some
support.....although I had backed it in some pale pink felt.
Here I am assessing how wide and how long the curved
piece of straw needs to be.

Woo hoo new season is here ! although it is still freezing outside! Just adding the finishing touches to a design for the shop and available here. Complex little hat in the end which started out when I found a cherry coloured a piece of vintage strip straw and just adored the bright cherry colour . The shape grew, then the silk flowers, then the feather trim, then that needed support and it seemed to go on and on, but finally here is the result.
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