Friday, May 4, 2012

How to make a cage veil step by step

Step by step this is how to make a cage veil. You'll need to start with a quality Russian veiling one you know you can trust and to the astonishment of most of my students - PRESS IT (yep with an iron) if you do this it will be easier - you will need 'fairy fingers' and lots of time for this ! start by gathering up each end of the veiling and stitch in place.

Each end of the veiling should be secured tightly
(sparkle nail polish is an optional extra ;0)

take gathering thread from one side of the secured ends to the other side by carefully picking up the veiling from the edge, pull the gather thread in.

This is the brides hair comb and I will be attaching the veil to this, here I am deciding how much room I will need and how tight I will need to make the gathering. 

I am using my trust poupee and it helps to pin all in place to get an idea of how it is sitting - I also work with a mirror directly in front of me so I can see the other side of the poupee.

Hard to see but this is the stage where I will steam the veil to help 'set' the look (above).

As soon as I have the brides photo's I'll add them so that you can see the whole look.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your talent!!

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