Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marie Antoinette

I think this bodice might be where I got the idea for my 'Hollywood Glam' Hair clip now that I look at this photo. Just love the effect of these velvet flowers on this bodice.

Loved this movie 'Marie Atoinette' although as with the trend these days, the camera moved so quickly you never get the chance to dwell on the costumes and I know I am but one 'maker' who finds this extremely frustrating. So here are some photo's so we can look at the detail - the costumes were amazing and I loved the mix of candy pastel colours - just stunning - the whole thing !

Mature Bride Option

A Velvet Headband with bling that I recently made for a lovely lady getting married at 60. I love the mixture of the two colours and think that to offset all the black it's nice to add the buff colour to add some contrast especially on black hair. This is a good way to add interest to your wedding day without the hassel of a full hat on head situation. My design gives you the look of a small 1940's hat without the hat! The bling is swarovski crystals added for the wow factor - in this case an opalised buff colour to match the buff velvet.

How to set a veil on fascinator

Here is another bride ! This looks great it is my 'Hollywood Glam' Hair clip - like a small floral garland either worn close to the head as seen here or at the back of an up do (see Bridal Headpiece in clients own fabric). This particular one I have added small amount of vintage very fine veiling and this is how I got the effect just right. Veiling is placed and pinned as illustrated on my trusty poupe (milliners mannequin) and steamed into place thus creating round line away from the face. I will be adding photo's of the bride on her wedding day just as soon as I can.

Bridesmaids Hairclips

I have just completed a new bridal project four bridal hair clips - four bridesmaids ! The veiling is ivory to match the colour scheme and as you can see the effect is stunning. Some lovely vintage style beaded pearl bows complete the picture. Worn on the side of the head these clips have just enough veiling for the effect and not too much to over power the girls. Small amount of feather is used and I particularly like the variation in the size of the pearls in a couple of the bows.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bridal Horse Shoe

Traditionally given to the bride for good luck. I have just made some new Bridal Horseshoes in a 'vintage style' for the shop and thought I would add them here for all to see. I particularly like the white with silver that's my favourite at the moment but this may change as I make more... what do you think ?

Bridal Headpiece in Clients Dress Fabric

This looks sensational - if I must say so myself. I have just finished making one of my 'Hollywood Glam' headpieces for a bride out of her own fabric from her dress. It made up very well as it was heavily beaded fabric on a fine tulle. I have made a few of these now and even a red version with gold veiling which I will add photo's of after the wedding . The original was in cream with pink tones. The heavy beaded and silk satin version certainly takes the design to another dimension.

Vintage Velvet Ribbon

Cannot believe that it has been almost a month since adding to my blog. Well I have been very busy with adding info to my new website and that's the best excuse - also have had some heavy wholesale production to do and so that always takes up lots of time . Here are some photo's of my ribbon collection which is getting out of hand again. I have been re organizing the velvet ribbons back into their basic colours. When I find vintage velvet ribbon I can't resist it and end up with more rolls that I can ever use. I just fall in love with the vintage colours and I'm a goner. I just love that the old ribbon as it is so soft, not stiff and horrible like the new. I also have a big collection of vintage cotton thread and have just listed them on the site if you need thread for hand sewing you can get it here.
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