Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to make a Turban

Some photo's of a Turban I was asked to make for a Film recently and the end result - it only took 5 meters of fabric (!) and lots of tension (and pins). While I was draping the fabric I twisted it and kind of 'rolled' the fabric around my trusty metal hat stretcher which has been is heavy enough to create the tension I needed to manipulate the fabric. My hat stretcher is in very good condition and has been with me for many years now and never complains ! The rolls of fabric were all hand sewn in place as the turban had to be able to be removed over and over again and still look like to was freshly tied on the head, a fairly typical request for film and television work ! Difficult but not impossible.
What do you think did I do a good job?
Note : my lovely lady mannequin is far too delicate of head and face to show this turban off well really. If only we had a big burly unshaven man with a knife clutched in his teeth to see the proper effect or perhaps Peter O'Toole or Omar Sharif in 'Lawrence of Arabia' !

Some of my Brides.

Here are some of the different real life brides that I have designed for recently and the lead up ideas and trims. Making a headpiece for a girl in Europe at the moment and here are some of the working drawings.The trims that I have collected I am dipping in tea to get the colour she wants.

Bridal Headpieces for glossy Magazines

Here are some of my latest Bridal pieces - these have just come back from a shoot for a magazine. I often get asked to supply a box full of pieces for various magazine shoots and often I'm lucky enough to have them beautifully shot for the pages. Some are simple tie on headbands with long trailing ribbons and often they have matching wrist pieces to wear on the special day. Some have faint colour as well as I am more inclined to add pastel colours as I'm not a big fan of white white white if you get my drift. All are very 'vintage look' which is very indicative of my design - being a big retro fan born in the wrong era ! Sometimes I am asked for formal bridesmaids pieces. Here is a velvet covered and beaded headband that's perfect for this purpose. Some are designed to complement a big hairdo and I have encluded a piece which has just been seen in 'Melbourne Brides' and as you can see the effect is stunning. So all you brides out there think colour - even just faint colour adds interest and depth!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Confirmation that I was born in the wrong era some lovely bodices mostly from the 1950's.

Beaded embellishment................

Working on some beaded embellishments today. Some will end up as completed headpieces or in conjunction with other wearable pieces in the future or.... are just for fun! I have a love of this type of detail whether it's on a dress or a beaded motif or fabric I just love the effect. This is how I tend to work and people often ask me how my ideas come about and mostly it comes from days like today where I am just playing around with various fabrics and pieces of beading, making a pearl bow one minute and then a bridal piece for a customer the next. Some how the ideas finally formulate and designs come about.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Making a belt or three or four today

Just finishing off some belts today some of these will go into production and will be sent to my maker for manufacture so I'm just making sure that they all work and fit well. I'm using trouser hooks for the fabric ones as these seem to work the best. Some simply tie up in a bow at the back. Love the vintage look with hopefully enough 'newness' to be appealing for all, they sure flatter the waistline ! Also added some other fabulous belts for inspiration.
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