Monday, March 16, 2009

Vintage Velvet Ribbon

Cannot believe that it has been almost a month since adding to my blog. Well I have been very busy with adding info to my new website and that's the best excuse - also have had some heavy wholesale production to do and so that always takes up lots of time . Here are some photo's of my ribbon collection which is getting out of hand again. I have been re organizing the velvet ribbons back into their basic colours. When I find vintage velvet ribbon I can't resist it and end up with more rolls that I can ever use. I just fall in love with the vintage colours and I'm a goner. I just love that the old ribbon as it is so soft, not stiff and horrible like the new. I also have a big collection of vintage cotton thread and have just listed them on the site if you need thread for hand sewing you can get it here.

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