Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bridal Headpieces for glossy Magazines

Here are some of my latest Bridal pieces - these have just come back from a shoot for a magazine. I often get asked to supply a box full of pieces for various magazine shoots and often I'm lucky enough to have them beautifully shot for the pages. Some are simple tie on headbands with long trailing ribbons and often they have matching wrist pieces to wear on the special day. Some have faint colour as well as I am more inclined to add pastel colours as I'm not a big fan of white white white if you get my drift. All are very 'vintage look' which is very indicative of my design - being a big retro fan born in the wrong era ! Sometimes I am asked for formal bridesmaids pieces. Here is a velvet covered and beaded headband that's perfect for this purpose. Some are designed to complement a big hairdo and I have encluded a piece which has just been seen in 'Melbourne Brides' and as you can see the effect is stunning. So all you brides out there think colour - even just faint colour adds interest and depth!

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