Friday, April 8, 2011

Re Block Before and After photo

A Gentleman's dress hat that had seen better are the before and after photo's - the customer was very happy as this was his Grand Fathers hat and I made it look a lot better. It now has the added bonus of fitting him after I made alterations to the fit. An all round winner.

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Julie Fleming Melbourne said...

Hi Mary , firstly I would start with finding a block about the same dimensions - if nothing close then I will just hand re block using a curved pad I have made out of cardboard and tissue layered over and over to form a pad to protect my hand. Then using a steam iron I will give it a blast with the steam using a damp rag between me and iron and hat and while this is soft from the steam I shape using my other hand directly on the hat pushing against the hat onto my padded hand inside the hat....just work my way all round the crown and same onto the brim till you have been around and around a few times and this is how I get the result. hope that makes sense as it is difficult to explain without you in front of me to demonstrate ;0)

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