Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stitch Detail

Some works in progress, love the combination of black/cream. I have used a strong 'pearlized' vintage cotton here for the feature stitching.

Stitching rows gradually build up - I am not expert at getting all the rows perfectly even as I tend to run the machine too fast being an impatient modern girl but I think it all works out in the long run. When I was doing my Millinery training at Philip Somerville in London, England there was an old milliner called Edith who used to specialize in this type of work and I can now see that this is necessary. As I only attempt this type of work every now and again I am not a perfect machinist. Edith used to make the ENTIRE hat using this method including the crown. I tend to only use it as a feature. This is a work in progress and I will be adding to the detail so I'll keep you posted.
Keep your cotton ends all in check as this will save time with trimming them off in the long run.

Just some snaps of other stitched detail hats I am working on at the moment. Look at the amazingly lovely long even stitches my old 'singer' manages - it makes this type of work a breeze as it is so solid and dependable - don't forget to fill TWO bobbins with your cotton FIRST so that if you run out out you have another ready to go.

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