Friday, May 28, 2010

Some scenes from my studio...bit messy!

So here is my studio and some production photo's - this is actually quite tidy as I just had a big clean up. I like to have my ribbons within reach and love how they look all together. I have my velvet ribbons in drawers all colour coded (until I mess it all up!) Tissue paper is on the windows to stop the sun getting in my eyes in summer but as it is winter you will note that although it is only 5.30pm in the afternoon already we have lost the light. I have had daylight fluro lights installed and after they came and did the installation I could not stop looking at the palm of my hand as I could not believe the difference it made everything is so much clearer. I have taken a photo from the shop looking into my studio and as you can see I have the perfect position to see and hear customers coming in and am always working at my desk with one eye out for customers. The baby gate is two dogs Ruby (on the left) and Teddy - they often come to work with me. They spend the whole day pretending to be in jail and trying to get someone to release them. I love the size (my blocks are in the back room and a large storage area as well) of my studio and the natural light from two four big windows is unbeatable - no excuse but to create.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Thank you for sharing your work space. I totally love seeing ribbon and bits and pieces that make a millinery shop such an appealing space. Love your work!

Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

I wish I could stop by every now and then... If only we were on the same hemisphere and continent!

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