Monday, August 3, 2009

How to make a Hat : Black Felt Cap with Faux Patent Trim

Hand sewing on the petersham band trying to be careful not to pull too tight as it will pucker, then I hit the edge that I had just sewn with a hot steam rag and then (after all had dried) added a small shinny strip to cover the hand sewing and to add the final touch.

Front and back views as hat is nearing finish, photographed on my trusty old poupee which I bought at 'Siegal & Stockman' in London before I returned home to live back in Melbourne (in 1988) - she has made many, many hats with me and still loves trying them on before the client !

Adding the head fitting - client has very small (21 1/2 inch head), I tacked the peak onto the crown and then added the (measured) head fitting by pining into place and then simply got the lot under the sewing machine and zipped around and all was sewn on at once, peak to the crown and head fitting to the inside, simple !

Finding the back seam

Above is the original - I actually think the black version is nicer (!) as it has a finer look because the black faux patent was a finer material to work with.

I have just finished this hat for my client, a lovely woman with long black, black hair and I think she is going to be very happy. I have made it in all black - so the result is very dressy and will look great on her. I have photographed the steps in achieving the result, the reason I did not make the original one in black was that I could not find the material in black but after searching high and low finally came across some and here is the result - what do you think ?
Sorry I have no photo's of this on the block. I have no excuse other than I just forgot to take photo's right from the beginning.
I try and make my range in a variety of colours as I object to making everything in black, black and more black (boring ?) but as I have now been making hats for over 20 years I think maybe I should just give in and make everything in black and then everyone will be happy !
I think though I will stick to my lone attempt at variety and colour - what do you think ?


Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Thanks for sharing all the steps!There's so much one can learn from watching another person work. Your poupée is just like mine! Thanks for linking to my blog!

Julie Fleming Melbourne said...

Hey Cristina, I will be adding more step by step making soon, cheers JULIE

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