Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to Line a Hat

This is a vintage style faux fur beret that I made recently - I have photographed the stages in making a lining for a soft shape hat. Here I have used a bright pink silk satin as a lining which makes for a pretty dramatic finished effect. Best to hand sew a lining in I find as the end result is always nicer. Petersham headband has a canvas layer to help keep it stiff and stay put. To make the lining just cut (using the same pattern as the hat) from thin fabric as if the fabric lining is too heavy it will alter the size of the hat. I usually use a thin silk as I have here. Keep all the seams together, pin into place and hand sew as illustrated.

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Cristina - madhatter wannabe said...

Nice pictures. I also love the use of bright or contrasting colours on the inside of the hat, even if people cannot see it when you wear it, you know it's there and see it when you're about to put the hat on!!

And I agree... nothing beats hand sewn...

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